November 19
Ard El Lewa, Cairo
Part of the research project FIFTY-FIFTY In Collaboration with Pro Helvetia Cairo.
The project FIFTY FIFTY tries to link visual contemporary art to other artistic fields such as architecture and traditional crafts on one hand; on the other hand it seeks the historical, philosophical and social context in which contemporary art is produced and received.
It is questioning the role of contemporary art in modern societies in general and in a society like the Egyptian one in particular.
It also tries to shed light on the patterns used in the popular art and its relation to the artistic heritage, while taking into consideration that patterns and ornaments have different status and development in the European and the Arab context.

PART 1: November 11-21, 2012
PART 2: April 12-21, 2013

A talk in the neighborhood, near artellewa, Ard El Lewa, Cairo, Hamdy and Guido

A walk with Hamdy (Ala)

Thank You to Hamdy Reda and the craftsmen at Ard El Lewa, Cairo
to Hebba Sherif, Maysoon Mahfoud, Mohammed Suleyman

Fifty Fifty
Research Project, November 2012, list of activities

Museum of Islamic Art
Um Kalthoum Museum
Coptic Museum, Hanging Church
Egyptian Textile Museum
Egyptian Museum
Agricultural Museum

Al Fustat Center and Shop
Archive of Folcloric Arts

Ard El Lewa, guided tour with Hamdy and Abbaz, 10 craftsmen
Nadim Factory, guided tour with Dr. Nawal El Messiri
Suq al Gomah, with Mohammed Suleyman

Contemporary Art
Artellewa, Hamdy Reda and Amira Hanafi
Photo Cairo 5
Townhouse Gallery
Darb 1718
Mashrabia Gallery

Urban area
extended walks through Islamic Cairo and Downtown Area, Zamalek, Mohandessin

Traditional and historical Cultures
Islamic Culture: Fatimid and Mamlouk Periods
Coptic Culture
Pharaonic Periods ( Textile Museum and Egyptian Museum )