ANNE, the making of
October/November 2009

installation/ wall sculpture
cardboard, wood, stickers, 65 x 240 x 90 cm, Where Are You?
Townhouse Gallery and Artellewa ArtSpace, Cairo

group show with participants of Pro Helvetia Cairo Residency Program
Beate Engel, Curator

Changing Sites and Sights

"... Swiss artsist-duo Guido Reichlin and Karin Wälchli discovered signs of Cairo's identity and heritage in mundane everyday objects and details of architecture which are quite often overlooked. Their art is inspired by the ornamental tradition embedded within the urban landscape of Cairo, but also refers back to the Western discourse about geometrical art, decoration and abstraction.
Quite spontaneously Chalet5 decided that their piece should stay in Cairo after the exhibition was closed down. They donated it to Artellewa Gallery which is an off space directed by artist Hamdy Reda, who also worked as curatorial assistant for the "Where Are You?" exhibiton.
Commenting on the work of Chalet5, Hamdy mentiones: "They found the real Cairo colors under the dust. The door piece fits perfectly and I don't mind that most people don't take it as art but as a nice entrance of a shop."

Beate Engel in "Years of Residency", a publication of Pro Helvetia Cairo Liaison Office, 2010

The Anne Story
backwards told: from Artellewa Gallery back to Townhouse Gallery back to making of in Apt #73, Champollion 30

Cairo October/November 2009

At Artellewa Gallery
Ard El Lewa, Cairo
permanent installation
November 2009 - ...
Chalet5Anne 2009
Hamdy Reda
founder and curator of Artellewa
Chalet5 Anne 2009
  Chalet5 Anne 2009
6th October Bridge Chalet5 Anne 2009
Mohandessin Chalet5 Anne 2009
  Chalet5 Anne 2009
November 22 2009
Townhouse Gallery

Anne down
Chalet5 Anne 2009
Egypt - Algeria 2:0
November 14 2009
Chalet5 Anne 2009
  Chalet5 Anne 2009
"Where Are You?"
Townhouse Gallery
exhibition opening
November 1 2009
Chalet5 Anne 2009
2009 October 28
Transport from Champollion
to Townhouse Gallery
Chalet5 Anne 2009
  Chalet5 Anne 2009
  Chalet5 Anne 2009
  Chalet5 Anne 2009
making of at
Apt #73 Champollion 30
entrance hall
2009 October 24
Chalet5 Anne 2009
2009 October 19 Chalet5 Anne 2009
2009 October 16 Chalet5 Anne 2009
2009 October 4 Chalet5 Anne 2009

Chalet5 Anne Cairo

Friday May 1 2009
"Anne" has vanished from Cairo's urban landscape some time in Winter 2008/2009, it has been replaced by "AN"