First, it is the soul that sees, not the eye.*
*René Descartes, The Optics, Discourse 6 (1673)

from CHALET5 POCKET (2016)

Chalet5 Gloria

Gloria (1998–2000) screenprints on silk and wool, unique prints and editions in variations, 74 x 138 cm

Chalet5 Pfau

Chalet5 Pfau

Pfau (cake alike) and (honeybee) (1999) screenprints on silk, edition with unique variations, 67 x 135 cm

Chalet5 43 Colors

Chalet 43 Colors

43 Colors (1997–2002) screenprints on silk and wool, 34 editions in various sizes and numbers
concept / realization: each single color follows another. Black at the beginning and black at the end of the sequence. The result is a prime number of colors: 43 colors screenprinted on silk and wool, hand in hand. Stripes of 3.5 x 140 cm, the full sequence repeated 32 times every 1.6 meters on a total length of 52 meters. 34 editions in variations and with different numbers.

A preference for serial elements and repetition?

Chalet Modular

left: Modular (2002) screenprint on silk, editions in variations, 69 x 137 cm

Chalet5 Suburbs

left: suburbs (1999) unique screenprint on silk, 64 x 136 cm

Chalet Nordisch

right: Nordisch (1999) screenprint on silk, unique prints and edition in variations, 69 x 38 cm

Chalet5 Ornamentally Fed Up

right: ornamentally fed up (2002) formerly Untitled, patternprint sampling, screenprint on silk, 70 x 140 cm

left: After a disaster (2016) collage in the series Ruins and Figures, magazine cutouts, 25.3 x 16.7 cm